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Mine Planning Divisions are facing more challenges in the current mining industry. With more strugle and unique characters of deposits, a strong geology and mine plan understanding of the team is the priority, as it play the coreof industry its self. It is important to meet industry and global standard, in the efficient and effectives ways, combining both traditional and latest technology operation and methods. NRM has extensive experiences, including individual NRM team members, with over 40 years of experience in the mining industry.


    Mine Planning Services

  • Mine Planning, includes the short, medium and long term mine plans and proposed mining fleet.
  • Economic Analysis, include review and provides the economic assumptions (cost and revenue) used in the determination of Client pit limits and pit optimisation.
  • Mine production scheduling including waste haulage and dumping.
  • Reporting of coal and waste production quantities and preparation of stage plans at appropriate intervals to illustrate the mining and dumping sequence.

  • Mine Economics

  • Cost analysis from Pit to Shipment which will include detailed build-up of: Total mining costs (including equipment selection); Coal transportation costs (truck, train, and barge); Coal processing & handling costs; Coal trans-shipment costs.
  • Calculate cash flow with major economics parameter such as Net Present Value (NPV), Internal rate of Return (IRR), Payback period (PBP), and analyze profitability.
  • Analysis of uncertainties and major risk including sensitivity chart of cash flow parameters.